The Raven & The Dove

Series by Pastor How

Part 1: Why did Noah send out the Raven and the Dove?

As Pastor How unpacks Genesis 8 in this Bible study, learn the significance of Noah sending out the Raven and the Dove.

Part 2: Raven or Dove Christian?

In Genesis 8, Noah sent out two birds – a Raven and a Dove. The Raven went to look for dead flesh, while the Dove went to find living things. Similarly, two birds will be sent out to rest on two types of Christians - the fleshly and the spiritual.

Part 3: How Do I Build My Spirit?

Pastor How shares practical tips on how to build our spirit stronger!

Part 4: Personal Pentecost?

"... tongues of fire ... came to REST on EACH OF THEM." Acts 2:3 (NIV, emphasis added)

Will the Dove or the Raven rest on you?
The Dove rested on each of them (the believers) individually, not collectively.
Usually, our mental image of the Holy Spirit falling is collective – on a church or conference.
But this year, the Holy Spirit will fall on individuals.
Mass church events are limited... but personal time with the Holy Spirit is unlimited.
Are you ready for a Personal Pentecost?

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