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Coronavirus: Don’t Stone Your Pastors

Breaking News – Pastors infected by members who tested positive for being difficult
Length: 2-minute read

By Pastor Lia, Co-Senior Pastor, Heart of God Church Singapore

I read some comments on a Pastor’s Instagram post.
“Why are you continuing in-person services and putting your members at risk? Does a loving Pastor do that?”
The comment is actually longer but after censoring the expletives, this is what it said in essence.

On another Pastor’s post, “Cancelling services? Didn’t the Bible say not to forsake the assembly of the saints? I can’t respect you because you lead in fear.”

I am thinking: “If the virus doesn’t kill their Pastors, these Christians will!”

Listen, your Pastors are making the best decisions they can. The sentiments are polarising. Continue running the services and people criticise you for being reckless. Stop services and you are as faithless as the 10 spies.

So give your Pastors a break! There is no perfect decision to please everyone. Thank God for @HOGC who trusts us to make the BEST decision (not most perfect) SUITED TO OUR OWN CHURCH. 

On top of following government advisories, Pastors & leaders make decisions based on many factors. 

  • Preparedness & capabilities of the church – hi-tech churches with digitally-savvy folks are more willing to stop services.
  • Demographics – churches with more vulnerable older members and kids are more likely to cancel services.
  • Structure – churches with a high % of members plugged in to small groups are more willing to cancel big-scale services.
  • Income – churches with a higher % of online giving are more willing to cancel services. It is not just about money – rental and salaries still have to be paid!

I am sure there are more considerations. It is not a simplistic decision. So don’t make comparisons: 
“Oh, that mega-church is cancelling, why are we still running?”
“Oh, that prominent Pastor declared that they will continue, so why are we cancelling?”

Don’t stone your Pastors.
Don’t troll them on social media.
Instead, INFECT your Pastors with faith-filled support and cooperation!

This could be the most energizing time for your church! Read what Pastor How wrote here!

For more content, head over to my Instagram (@pastor.lia).

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