Volume 1: How to Grow Your Church YOUNGER and STRONGER

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Volume 1: How to Grow Your Church YOUNGER and STRONGER

The Story of the Kids Who Built a World-Class Church

The Story of the Kids Who Built a World-Class Church

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In GenerationS...

Be inspired and learn how to build a Strong Church operated by youths, for youths, to reach youths.

HOGC service HOGC service

Weekend service at Heart of God Church

After more than 20 years, the average age in Heart of God Church (HOGC) is still 22 and more than 80% are serving in ministry. HOGC is now a proof of concept that youths can build a Strong Church. Dive into the principles and stories, the heart and heartbreaks behind building GenerationS.

Also inside the book...

Contributors & ‘Inside Stories’

1,000+ word contributions from 13 other contributing writers that provide an 'inside look' and 360° view of HOGC

Hear from global Christian leaders, homegrown pastors, the authors' daughter and more!

Hear from

dotglobal Christian leaders,

dothomegrown pastors,

dotthe authors' daughter

dotand more!

More inside stories!

  • A Westerner’s perspective on an Asian church
  • What older people do in a youth church
  • What goes on inside the Senior Pastors' Office
  • What co-senior pastoring looks like

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This is #GenerationSmvmt

This is #GenerationSmvmt

Meet the Authors

Pastor How (Tan Seow How) and his wife Pastor Lia (Cecilia Chan) are co-founders, co-senior pastors of Heart of God Church (HOGC) Singapore and co-authors of the upcoming book – GenerationS. A lot of ‘co-this’ and ‘co-that’ because they are like Siamese twins who even co-share the same office space. They share the same love for sports and steaks. The only thing they don’t share is coffee as she needs a full cup every morning.

Lia is a former journalist, preacher, cancer survivor, worship team builder, trainer and CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer 😛). This serial discipler has been raising young leaders for more than 20 years. Her life verse is Isaiah 58:12 – “... You shall raise up the foundations of many GenerationS…”

How is the visionary, leadership, strategy and organisation guy. His passion and burden is to see the church grow strong, worthy of God’s glory. He is also a businessman and funder but what matters most to him is being a godly father to GenerationS of young pastors and leaders!

Pastor How

Pastor Lia

Take a Peek Inside

Empower, Don't Overpower

From Chapter 6: Mindset Shift #1 – Youth Are Leaders TODAY, Not Just Tomorrow

Whenever you step into a room filled with young people, take a deep breath and tell yourself – empower, don’t overpower!

I have been in too many rooms with too many young people and so I have seen the effects of an overpowered room.

There was once I was hanging around with 20 youth leaders. A famous visitor dropped by our room on her way out of the office. The moment she entered, the atmosphere in the room changed. No kidding.

Belong → Believe → Become

From Chapter 9: Mindset Shift #3 – Church Is Our Home, Not Just a House

Here’s the third mindset shift needed if you want to reach this generation. Traditionally, for a person to join a church, he or she goes through this sequence:

Believe → Become → Belong

He must first Believe, then Become a Christian. Let me add another “B” word, Behave. We expect the youth to Behave to our standards and expectations. And when we are satisfied, only then do we open our circle for him to Belong.


Now available worldwide

GenerationS now available worldwide

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now available worldwide

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