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75th Anniversary of D-Day

Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It marks the beginning of the liberation of Europe from Hitler.
Tom Brokaw aptly named that generation of heroes – the Greatest Generation.

This 75th anniversary is most likely the last major remembering of these silent heroes, in their 90s now. With the passing of this generation, we will move from memory to history. Their stories can no longer be heard from their voices but only read from history books. History books may record the facts, but they will never capture the spirit of these men and women. Firsthand accounts of courage, camaraderie, selflessness and ultimate sacrifice now become diluted reports or dramatized tales.

This post is my little way of honoring heroes.
If we fail to honor heroes, soon we will find there are no heroes left to honor.
Because whatever we honor becomes our values and vision.
We are already living in a world full of superstars but few heroes.



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