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Matt Redman does a Boba Tea Review with Pastor Tan Seow How and Heart of God Church Youth Leaders

You’ve heard the songs from the two-time Grammy Award winner, but have you heard of his favourite boba tea (aka bubble tea) flavours?

Who would have figured that Matt Redman shares our love for boba tea? When our HOGC youth leaders found out, they simply had to treat his taste buds to a taste test! Check out the video below to see what went down!

Boba Tea Review with Matt Redman & Pastor Tan Seow How

What’s your favourite bubble tea? Give this personality quiz a go to find out which bubble tea you are!🤔

Check out Matt Redman’s exclusive interview with our HOGC youth leaders here.

15 year olds interview Matt Redman

Read all about what went down at our 20th anniversary celebration that Matt Redman specially flew down for here.

Matt Redman in Heart of God Church


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