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Length: 3-minute read

A Father’s Day message for Heart of God Church youths

Heart of God Church is a youth church. Sadly, many of the youths in our church do not grow up in complete families. Every Father’s Day, I am concerned that these youths will feel left out, so I write a note to encourage all the fatherless youths.

This is what I wrote last year.

On this Father’s Day, I pause to thank God for you.
I am proud of who you are and who you are becoming.
My desire for you is that you live a great life. I pray that you have an abundant life on earth and a rewarding eternal life in heaven.

I am writing this as if I were writing to my own child.

1. Be hardworking.
Tell yourself: “Today I do what others won’t so that tomorrow I do what others can’t. ”
Remember, success happens when opportunity meets preparation and abilities.
Be ready!

2. Be grateful.
Never forget where you came from.
Never forget how far God has brought you.
Never forget how God rescued you.
Never forget the family in church who loved you.
Never forget the people who believed in you when you were a nobody.
Out of 10 lepers healed by Jesus, only 1 came back to worship Him.
Be the ONE.

3. Live for the cause of Christ
William Carey, the great missionary to India, said – “I am not afraid of failure. I am only afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”
Live for things that matter in eternity.
You are never a failure when you succeed in Christ.

From your generation onwards, it will be different.
I am eagerly waiting to celebrate your success and hear your wow stories.

Love and respect,
Father’s Day 2014


  1. Wendy says:

    Thank you Pst How! For loving us like your own… A simple gift and a heartfelt message every Fathers’ Day. Thank you SP 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    This is so touching… Thank you pastor for knowing the little things that matter to the youth 🙂 I know it means everything to them. I am so inspired to love others this way too. Heart of God church truly empowers youth to live their best lives…!

  3. Desmond Kieo says:

    My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.
    – Jim Valvano

    This quote speaks so much about you Pastor How, thank you for always believing in youths and the next generation no matter what background they are from. Because of Heart of God church, many broken youths have found a place they could call Home. Many broken lives can have the courage to dream again because you believed in them. I am so inspired and encouraged reading your message to the fatherless, we are blessed to have a great spiritual father in HoGc! 🙂

  4. […] and privileged and grateful to call Pastor How my spiritual father (: When you read what he wrote here for the youths without father figures in their lives last year for father’s day, you would […]

  5. Val Tock says:

    I come from a complete family with both parents.. Reading this, I know, I shouldn’t take things for granted.
    – Be grateful –
    When I look back, the last 10 years have been my best years yet. Thankful that God found me when I was “lost” 10 years ago. I am now living my best life in HOGC because my Heavenly Father never gave up on me!
    So thankful for my spiritual father, Pst How for always teaching and guiding us how to love God, love people, love life!
    And ever grateful for my earthly dad who has provided for me all these years!

  6. Yvonne Ng says:

    From celebrating our successes with us, to being the one who constantly encourages and speak into our lives… Thank you for always noticing the smallest details, this note reveals the heart of our spiritual father 🙂

    Indeed, from our generation onwards, it will be different!

  7. Elysia says:

    Wow, thank you Pastor for sharing this message! These words really bring forth hope and love as even I feel touched reading the message! I believe many are touched by this message!

  8. Nadine says:

    When I first read this Fathers Day message last year, I was so touched and inspired. Pastor, thank you for being a father figure to so, so many people. A message and a simple gift means so much to the fatherless youths, to know that there is someone cheering them on and waiting to hear their success story… Once again reminded that a simple act can change someone’s life.

  9. Dexter says:

    Thank you Pastor How, for loving us like a father (:

  10. Audrey says:

    I never knew how it felt to be loved by a father, thank you Pst, your words heal. 🙂

    Audrey. 🙂

  11. shanshan says:

    Thank you Pastor How for the powerful and encouraging words! I was new in church when i received the letter and as a young Christian, it dawned on me that i had not only met a heavenly Father, i had also found a spiritual father in HOGC! 🙂

  12. Ena says:

    Wow, thank you SP for this message..! My heart is so warmed by your words and wisdom. Thank you for always thinking of us, I may not have a fatherly figure in my life but I know I can look up to you as my spiritual father on earth. Going to keep living for the eternal cause of Christ, carrying a heart of gratitude and being unafraid of hard work.. From my generation onwards, it will be different.

  13. Edmund says:

    Wow, these are words that every young person longs to hear but often do not get to hear. Either they live in a broken family or they live in a family that seldom talks about such things apart from academic results.

    Thank you Pastor How for always believing and sowing into the next generation! Thank you that we get to hear these words in Heart of God Church. We will take these words and run with it in our lives. 🙂

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