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Heart of God Church (Singapore)
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Arden Bevere

Arden: “I have never seen a church like you guys … You asked me - As a 14 year old, who would I listen to? A 16 year old! … So how do you get the youths to pour into other youths?”

John Bevere

John: “Pastors are thinking – how do I get my 17, 19 year olds to think maturity, leadership? Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.”

Watch the podcast: Bridging the Gap: Discipleship Across GenerationS

John Bevere & Arden Bevere are helping so many pastors through the Healthy Pastors Podcast.

Pastoring is tough. We need topics like “leading during difficult moments” and “avoiding burnout”.
So glad that Pastor Lia’s “GenerationS are Reinforcements” is another tool to build a healthy church.

Check out the full 50 min Podcast on YouTube, Spotify or the MessengerX app.
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