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A Fatherless Father’s Day: 4 Ways to Turn the Day Around

In the early 2000s, during one Father’s Day, I was teaching the youths in our church to honor their fathers – write a card, buy a gift, do something.

But half of them had an indifferent look. Heart of God Church youths are usually all in and respond loudly, but this time, it was muted.
After the service I talked to some of them and then I understood.
These youths did not have fathers or mothers. Some came from complicated family backgrounds.
I then asked our team to find out how many of our youths belonged to this group. When we saw the numbers, Pastor Lia’s and my heart broke.

Over 200 did not have fathers.
Over 50 did not have mothers.
Over 20 did not have both fathers and mothers.

Since then, Pastor Lia and I have done something for them every Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day): We write and pass them a letter, give them a little gift to direct them to their Heavenly Father.

Father’s Day can be difficult for these youths. At best, it is an awkward day. But over the years, this awkward day has been turned into a special day.

In this article I would like to share some of the letters I have penned in the last two decades… Yes, I literally used a pen (call me a boomer but it’s also more organic. You can read that letter below).
If you are a pastor or leader looking after youths, there may be some of them who don’t have fathers or mothers. I hope these little messages will inspire you to find your own ways of loving and believing in them.

Pastor How’s Father’s Day letter (2016)
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A Fatherless Father’s Day:
4 Ways to Turn the Day Around

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  1. Samantha says:

    So so powerful and touching..!! More than just giving their hearts to and for youths, my Pastors impart life values and principles to all of them who do not come from complete families every Father’s and Mother’s Day… Each time, it just fills them with so much hope and faith for the future! It is now a day they look forward to so much! So thankful to have great spiritual parents who always direct us back to our Heavenly Father. Every Father’s and Mother’s Day is just so precious!

  2. Xuan Yun says:

    I came to church as a secondary school student. And now 10 years later, almost a young working adult.. These were the letters/cards that constantly reminded me that I am loved, believed in, and that I belong. That in something so minor and passing, somebody actually cares. It’s a yearly affair!! Literally have a collection of every letter, frames, bible, personalised keychains, journals..! So thankful that I got to grow up in HOGC with the best spiritual parents. Can’t imagine how life would turn out if not for you SPs!! Thank you for always carrying us on your hearts and loving us like your own!!!

  3. Felicia says:

    This is super touching…! On a day when they should be celebrated, my Pastors choose to also love and bless those who might come from more complicated family backgrounds.

    Reading the letters, there is so much heart, truth, wisdom… From the day some of them dread the most, it becomes such a special day for them!

  4. Peijun says:

    Thank you SPs for doing this all these years I personally know some of these people who come from broken or complicated families… Your letters and gifts always reach so timely and they mean so much to these people. Father’s Day/Mother’s Day used to be a day they hate the most but now, they know they are not alone or unwanted because they have spiritual parents looking out for them. So thankful to be in HOGC and have Pastors who carry us on their hearts…

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