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Length: 3-minute read

VIDEO: Heart of God Church Youth Goes From EM3 to ITE to Poly to Uni

I am posting this video to brag about a young man in Heart of God Church.
I am also unapologetically boasting about God and what He can do in the life of a boy who loves and honors Him.

His name is Joey.
When he first stepped into Heart of God Church, Joey was doing very badly in school. He was from EM3 and ITE (Institute of Technical Education).
After he became a Christian, God completely turned his life around.

Inspired by the Academic Excellence (AE) program, Joey began to take his studies seriously.
His hard work yielded results.
He graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA.
He was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship.
He went on to be among the top 10% in Polytechnic.
And he is now the first in his family to go to a University.

More than doing well, Joey volunteers in church and helps other young people.
He leads and shows them that it is possible to do good and do well at the same time.

Pastor Lia and I are so proud of this young man.
Today, in HOGC’s 11th AE, let’s celebrate Joey’s success.
It’s been a privilege to witness God’s work in his life.
If Joey can do it, anyone can do it.

Watch the full story here and share it with anyone who might be inspired:

From EM3 to ITE to Polytechnic to University | Heart of God Church Academic Excellence Programme


  1. Wendy says:

    Yes! Joey has truly inspired many that even if they may not have started well in school at the beginning but as they change their attitude towards learning and have faith in God.. They CAN do it! Even for myself, I have sat through 11 years of AE.. Though I may be working now, the AE sermons are still inspiring me to continue learning even when im not in school anymore! Thank you Pst for constantly encouraging us to have the right attitude towards learning..We can do well and do good! 🙂

  2. Evonne says:

    Wow! Joey is an inspiration. I’m sure it’s going to encourage another generation of young people and put faith in them. Personally sat through many AE weekends for the past 8 years… And even right now as a working adult, the message is not just helpful for students, but it also challenged me to continue applying wisdom in life and train my mind. Thank you Pst for sharing that it is not either/or when it comes to doing well, doing good. But it’s BOTH. We can do BOTH! Joey did BOTH…

  3. Geraldine says:

    Yes Pastor! I came from a neighbourhood school and I thought that it will not be possible to make it to a local uni. When I heard his story, I was so inspired that when we work hard and with God, all things are possible. Now I am in SMU. Joey has inspired many of us, including my brother that we can do well and do good at the same time. If God can use Joey, He can use many of us too! Thank you for starting the Academic Excellence Programme 11 years ago. Many of us have benefitted greatly from it and are doing good and doing well in life now! 🙂

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