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Length: 2-minute read

Young Pastors and churches, entrepreneurs and small business owners, read this.

Flex your flexibility. Use ambiguity and agility to your advantage.

Earlier in point 1, “New rules, no rules and changing rules, so write your own rules now”, I was encouraging Pastors of more traditional churches to make a play this season. Now I would like to cheer on young or new Pastors to flex your flexibility.

The thing about growing old physically is that the body is not as flexible as before. 
True for the body, true for the body of Christ.
Young Pastors or young churches, you are agile.
When you get an idea or a revelation, you can execute immediately. In hours or days, you get it done. Boom! Mic drop.
So don’t just emulate what the big established churches are doing. A speedboat can do what an ocean liner cannot.
Same for entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed. 
They have the size, but you have the speed.
They have the resources, but you have the dexterity.
They have the brand, but you have the personal connection and chemistry.

Ambiguity and agility are your friends.
This young generation of leaders is comfortable with uncertainty and embraces ambiguity.
In a day, you have become Masters of Zoom. 
John 14:2 (COVID-19 version for young leaders): In my Father’s house, there are many Zooms…
When there is a need, you meet it ASAP. You are in and out… and probably have time to Insta Story the journey too.
When there is an opportunity, you grab it spontaneously and improvise while you are in the Uber. 
In the meantime, the board members of the established churches have not even checked their emails yet.
You don’t need to hold policy meetings or check the insurance coverage, nor do you need 5 layers of approvals or 3 departments to agree.

We held our first-ever online Churchwide Prayer Meeting; 161 connect groups praying together over many… Zooms.

When governments reverse the lockdown, it will likely be in stages—perhaps small gatherings allowed, then <100, then 500, etc. 
Small churches and businesses can flow better. Whatever size is permitted, you can flow with it. You can surge or you can subside.
Wherever gatherings are allowed, homes, parks, cafes, you can go with the flow. You can swell or you can cease.
Most importantly, whenever the Holy Spirit leads, you can flow with Him.

As our Asian brother, Bruce Lee, once taught, “Be like water, my friend.”

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  1. Michelle says:

    I really love these articles and can’t wait for the next 2 already!!! Honestly, I’m in the aviation industry and it’s been such a trying time for all the businesses, companies involved… Everyone is just holding their breath and pausing to wait for this to blow over. No one has actually thought of what we can do NOW to improve things… But these articles have truly shifted my mindset to see this situation as an OPPORTUNITY and not a roadblock!! A chance to be flexible, agile…. To empower new people to try new things! This was truly a perspective shifting article!!

  2. Eunice Lim says:

    This is so mindset shifting – to view the situation is a brand new way! Be like water – flexible and adaptable! Excited to flow with the Holy Spirit and let Him lead us to new grounds and new ways!

  3. Isabel Tan says:

    This is just gold! Very inspired to be a speedboat and be adaptable even in this crisis. Honestly when this whole thing happened, I was quite worried about how we are going to get through this as a church. But seeing how SPs you have been leading us through these unchartered waters I am so pumped and even more ready to “be like water”! It’s gonna be our best season yet!!

  4. Lum Bin says:

    So good! We need to be agile to seize the many opportunities that are in front of us! A speedboat can do what an ocean liner cannot. Am reminded of Pastor Lia’s quote: “Exceptional times demand an exceptional response.” We can rise up and charge ahead!

  5. Wu Yun Hsiu says:

    Pastor, you put it so well the strengths of the young churches – especially the illustration of a speedboat versus the ocean liner. Interestingly, it is the young people that ride the speedboats and the old people who board the ocean liners haha.. But it is so true – we do whatever that is permitted and be like water. If this COVID-19 situation can change overnight, we are ready to respond too at anytime!

  6. Joya says:

    An amazing read for young pastors , leaders and businessmen! So true that for young leaders, our strength is in our agility and embracing of ambiguity, and we should fully leverage that during this unprecedented time of fluidity where there’s a new norm and a new world! We should be rising up to take the lead in whatever areas we’re serving in! Love the practical examples about zoom and the online prayer meeting and the Bruce Lee gif!

  7. Charmaine Lee says:

    Yes SP! I am so impacted by this article! As a young church, we are flexible and agile. We roll with the punches and ride the waves. No matter what come our way, we can adjust, adapt and respond! Also, thank you SP for always showing us how to look at things differently. We shouldn’t just see the obstacle, in this case COVID-19, but we should find how we can use this situation to progress and get better!

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